Coaching The Lift Truck Operator 2™ Spanish Version

Forklift Safety Training Program

Forklift Safety Training Program in Spanish

What is Coaching the Lift Truck Operator 2 - Spanish? 

  • A classroom forklift driver safety program in spanish, focusing on how to safely operate a wide variety of powered industrial trucks
  • Proven discussion and participation based "Coaching" method of training
  • Provides the required tools for meeting the latest OSHA requirement for practical training, formal instruction, and assessment
  • Allows presentation flexibility and personalization based on specific organizational policies and equipment
  • Includes a video presentation for on-site personnel who do not operate lift trucks but work in environments where the trucks are operated

Why use Lift Truck 2 - Spanish?

  • Collision prevention and reduction
  • Insurance reduction
  • Risk management and liability protection
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of implementation and personalization

How to use Lift Truck 2 - Spanish?

  • Instructors use the fully scripted Instructor's Kit to conduct step-by-step classroom presentations that include video, follow-up questions, situational diagram analysis, and group discussion
  • Each instructor needs an instructor kit to implement the training
  • Each student needs one response book to write answers to questions and analyze situations for subsequent group discussion
  • Each response book contains a certificate of completion for each student, as well as a wallet card - each to be endorsed by the instructor who trained and evaluated them
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