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CEVO 5: Ambulance – Instructor’s Kit

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A comprehensive classroom Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) for ambulance operators using the proven discussion and participation based “Coaching” method of training. The course covers many operator topics including due regard, inspections, defensive driving in emergency and non-emergency situations, use of lights and sirens, distracted driving, fatigue, adverse weather, and more.

Please note: The purchase of an Instructor’s Kit includes 1 Response Book and the Maneuvering Skills training.

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What is CEVO 5: Ambulance?

  • A classroom Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) for ambulance operators
  • Proven discussion and participation based "Coaching" method of training
  • Key defensive driving concepts including vehicle inspection, vehicle characteristics, SCC (Scanning,
  • Cushion of Safety, Communicating), emergency and non-emergency driving in various environments, and other special considerations such as backing and driving in adverse weather
  • New topics including Ambulance Operators and The Law, Use of Lights and Sirens, Distracted Driving, Roadway Incident Scene Safety, and more
  • New final test and certificate process fully online
  • Video presentation featuring operator point of view, real traffic situations, dashcam footage, and actual ambulance crash pictures and analysis
  • Now includes Maneuvering Skills (behind-the-wheel) exercises for training and evaluation

Why use CEVO 5: Ambulance?

  • Collision and crash prevention and reduction
  • Risk management and potential liability protection
  • Onboarding training for new hires and refresher training for experienced operators
  • Consistent with NHTSA’s EVOC course standards
  • Over 1 million emergency vehicle operators trained worldwide since 1998

How does CEVO 5: Ambulance work?

  • Instructors use the fully scripted Instructor's Guide to conduct step-by-step class presentations that include video, follow-up questions, traffic diagram analysis, and group discussion
  • The classroom training time can vary from 8-9 hours, depending on the organization’s requirements and specific needs
  • Each instructor needs an Instructor’s Kit to implement the training
  • Each student needs one Response Book to complete various written exercises, analyze traffic diagrams for group discussion, and to obtain an authorization key code in order to take the online final test and receive a CEVO certificate