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CEVO 5: Ambulance – Maneuvering Skills Kit

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A practical or hands-on ambulance operator course designed for the instructor/trainer. The Instructor’s Guide includes guidance and recommendations for setting up and conducting maneuvering and on-the-road exercises and performance/practical evaluations. The purpose of the exercises is to test your operator’s ability to handle any maneuverability challenges that they might encounter. Annual training provides an opportunity for operators to demonstrate their ability to safely maneuver the various ambulances that they are expected to operate.

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CEVO 5: Ambulance - Maneuvering Skills Kit

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Instructor’s Guide:

The Instructor’s Guide material includes detailed information regarding safety procedures, course set-up, and program implementation.

The exercises include:

  • Ambulance Inspection
  • Forward and Reverse Maneuvers (Serpentine)
  • Backing to the Right and Left
  • Backing with a Spotter
  • Lane Change
  • Diminishing Clearance
  • The Curb Test
  • Backing Around a Circle
  • Barrier or Crosswalk Stop
  • Confined Space Turn Around
  • On-The-Road Observation Ride

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