Schedules & Events

All of our driver training programs are for purchase, not for lease. In addition, none of our programs require instructor certification. Nevertheless, in response to the requests from numerous safety professionals, we offer individual program "Train The Trainer™" workshops for instructors. These workshops go over the entire program, covering instructional techniques, program design considerations and answering any program content questions. The workshops vary from 1/2 day to 2/3 day sessions.

Train The Trainer™ workshops are also scheduled in conjunction with National Safety Council, state, and local Safety Councils. Please see below the schedule of upcoming Train The Trainer™ workshops which are open to individual instructors.

We value our relationships with the National Safety Council, state, and local Safety Councils across the USA, and are proud to work with them in providing you with state-of-the-art safety training materials.

Train The Trainer™

Coaching The® Lift Truck Operator 2™
Salt Lake City, UT8/10/18800.933.5943
Riviera Beach, FL8/28/18561.845.8233
Concord, NH9/6/18800.834.6472
Albany, NY9/13/18518.438.2365
Tampa, FL9/13/18813.248.3009
Orlando, FL9/14/18407.920.1039

Coaching The Emergency Vehicle Operator 4®
Salt Lake City, UT8/9/18800.933.5943
Clifton Springs, NY8/25/18914.474.7848
Salt Lake City, UT9/5/18800.933.5943
Bennettsville, SC9/11/18914.474.7848






For more information about scheduling a no charge Train The Trainer™ for your organization, contact Bill Waslick at or June Kaufmann at