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Train-The-Trainer CEVO 4: Fire – Virtual

Train-The-Trainer Virtual courses start at 9:00 AM and typically last 5-6 hours. To register, please choose your preferred course date and instructors kit media type for each attendee.

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Train-The-Trainer workshops are an opportunity to become certified as an instructor on Coaching Systems' many defensive driving programs including, but not limited to, CEVO 5 Ambulance, CEVO 4 Fire, and Lift Truck 3. These workshops typically last 5-6 hours and go over the entire program, covering instructional techniques, program design considerations, and answering any program content questions. Completion of a Train-The-Trainer, upon passing the final test (if the course includes a final test), will result in a Certificate of Completion for the program you were trained on, as well as an Instructor Certificate for that program.