Coaching The Utility Truck Driver II™

Utility Truck Driver Training

Coaching the Utility Truck Driver II™, a completely updated version of the original program Coaching System's first introduced in 1987, still remains one of the few driver training programs designed specifically for the utility industry. The new program continues to offer safety trainers comprehensive, high-quality classroom materials at a reasonable price, in a non-lecture discussion format ideal for adult, experienced drivers. We are also one of the few to offer training for the waste removal industry. Our garbage truck driver training will teach your team how to properly keep your city clean.

Program Components

Video Presentation
A comprehensive presentation covering critical collision-prevention techniques, including:

  • Familiarity with the vehicle
  • Cushion of safety
  • Blind spots
  • Scanning
  • Following distance
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Rght and left turn procedures
  • Safe backing and parking techniques
  • On-site safety measures and more

Instructor's Guide
A fully scripted presentation of the program, segmented for use in one or multiple sessions ,and formatted with wide margins for instructor notes and customization. Included in the Appendix of the Guide are a reproducible "Class Registration Form" to document attendance and "Driver Test" to measure participants' knowledge of information presented in the course.

Driver Response Book with Course Completion Certificates
The 32-page response book features a "Self-Appraisal" which questions trainees about their pre-training understanding of safe driving issues, followed by a series of analysis situations and written quesions which are used as a basis for group discussion. 

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