Coaching The Straight Truck Driver 2™

Straight Truck Driver Training

Drivers of straight trucks deserve the same "professional" status afforded to 18-wheel vehicle operators, and they merit a first-class training program designed specifically for them. Coaching The® Straight Truck Driver 2™ fills that need. Our school bus driver training course will have simliar components as this straight truck driver course because it is another longer, straight vehicle that everyone needs proper training for.

Following the successful format of our other Coaching Systems programs, this program features a structured discussion/trainee participation course, and does not require instructor certification. Drivers will be engaged in the learning process by analyzing specific driving situations. Instructors and drivers alike will appreciate and be challenged by the group dynamics that take place in the classroom. You can teach the course all at once (3 1/2 hours) or break it up into shorter sessions to accommodate different schedules.

Program Components

This course covers:

  • Critical defensive driving skills and techniques
  • Video presentations including "real" conditions faced by straight truck drivers.

Topics include:

  • Backing
  • Delivery situations
  • Collision prevention
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Operating in congested areas
  • and much more.

Instructor's Guide includes:

  • A fully scripted presentation in an easel binder with wide margins to allow for instructor notes and customization.
  • Driver safety video on DVD
  • Class registration form
  • Observation checklist
  • Participant written test
  • Driver Response Book (additional response books sold separately)

Driver Workbooks Include:

  • Self-Appraisal
  • Vehicle Inspection Review
  • Collision Reporting Review
  • Collision Prevention Analyses
  • Driver Summary
  • Delivery Situation Analyses
  • Course Completion Certificate
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