Coaching The Lift Truck Operator® 3

Forklift Truck Driver Training

Forklift Truck Driver Training

Coaching System's Coaching the Lift Truck Operator® 3 course is ideal for operators with the knowledge of handling a lift truck and are willing to take the next training step. This coaching method uses highly distinguished non-lecture teaching to encourage learners to analyze, discuss, and observe the recommended requirements for lift truck safety.

It also offers participants a new approach to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Industrial Truck Standard. This lift truck safety training also entails a video presentation for on-site personnel who do not operate lift trucks but work in environments where the trucks are operated. However, the video presentation for non-lift truck operators relies upon requests made by safety directors.

This forklift truck driver training course provides the required tools for meeting the latest OSHA requirement for practical training, formal instruction, and assessment. Each program section is directly interlinked to the rest, thus offering a more integrated and all-around training system. The nature of the course allows presentation flexibility and personalization to meet particular business policies.

What is better is that we now have an updated and revised Coaching the Lift Truck Operator® 3 course, thanks to the treasured input from industry professionals, instructors, and participants.

Lift Truck Safety Training Components

What's New:

  • Capitalizes on the effective Coaching method of training
  • New video presentation featuring a variety of operating environments, lift trucks and attachments.
  • New 130 page Instructor’s Guide
  • All new, large format Response Book
  • 16 Supplemental Discussion Scenarios for continued training and reinforcement 
  • Reproducible forms also available as digital documents for increased ease of record keeping.
  • New Operator Video Test
  • New Pedestrian Video

What's The Same:

  • Same reasonable price
  • Same proven instructional format
  • Fully scripted Instructor's Guide with new content
  • Fulfills the OSHA requirement for formal training, practical training and for evaluating the operator
  • Sample inspection checklist
  • Sample operator evaluation form

Participants receive a Course Completion Certificate & Wallet Card

At Coaching Systems®, we have various advanced courses to provide learners with adequate skills for machine operation. We even provide our Lift Truck Operator Training in Spanish, to accomodate our hispanic customers! Contact us online or buy a program to get started.

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Coaching The Lift Truck Operator® 3 - Response Book DT221
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