Coaching The Experienced Driver® PLUS


NEW! Coaching The Experienced Driver®  PLUS has been designed for maximum flexibility.

Designed for drivers who have experience in today's traffic environments with the objective of improving the ability to observe and respond safely to potential collision-producing situations.


Course Features:

  • All new Instructor Guide, Response Book and Video Presentations:
    • Fully scripted Instructor Guide with group learning exercises, discussion diagrams and situation analyses with enhanced content for the instructor.
    • 32 page participant response book with self-appraisal, discussion questions and traffic analyses diagrams
    • Content rich DVD presentations featuring operator point-of-view perspective.
  • Flexible Implementation for a Four or Six Hour Course Length.
  • Reproducible Class Registration Form, Observation Checklist, and Two Final Tests
  • Reproducible Situation analyses and descriptions for Driver Learning Teams
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Capitalizes on the highly successful “Coaching” method of non-lecture, participant centered training
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Coaching The Experienced Driver® PLUS - Instructor's Kit DT250
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Coaching The Experienced Driver® PLUS - Response Book DT251
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