Coaching The Experienced Driver® PLUS

Driving Lessons for Experienced Drivers

Driving Lessons for Experienced Drivers

NEW! Coaching The Experienced Driver®  PLUS has been designed for maximum flexibility.

As a leading driving training Institution, Coaching Systems® is committed to helping drivers of all levels become safe and confident on the road. We offer a wide range of driver's training packages, such as the driver refresher training course, that provide drivers with the most relaxed and professional experience.

One of our newest and most comprehensive packages is Coaching the Experienced Driver® Plus, designed for seasoned drivers who have experience in modern traffic environments. These driving lessons for experienced drivers aim at improving drivers' ability to observe and react safely to potential accident-causing situations.


Course Features:

  • Instructor Guide – This package features an all-new, fully-scripted instructor guide containing group discussion diagrams, learning exercises, and situation analyses, including improved content for the instructor.
  • Response Book – You can also get access to a 32-page participant response book filled with traffic analyses diagrams, self-appraisal, and discussion questions. The Coaching the Experienced Driver® Plus also incorporates video presentations available from the operator's point-of-view perspective.
  • Flexible Implementation – The Experienced Driver PLUS is created to offer maximum flexibility. It can be implemented in a 4 or 6-hour course duration. Our skilled, friendly instructors offer a flexible and personalized approach to training to ensure every driver's needs are met.
  • Reproducible Situation descriptions – This program gives trainees and driver learning teams more flexibility to reach their employees and provide the needed education
  • Completion Certificates – Once trainees complete the Coaching the Experienced Driver® Plus, they are awarded course completion certification
  • Coaching Method – All driving trainer programs at Coaching Systems® focus on the highly efficient coaching approach of non-lecture. The Experienced Driver PLUS package features integrated training programs that include all the materials needed for a complete presentation. It is also participant-centered training, fully scripted, and needs minimal preparation time.


Interested in our Coaching the Experienced Driver® Plus program? Please get in touch with us at (303) 248-3858 for inquiries and learn more about our driver programs or purchase your package at affordable prices and get started on your business.

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