CEVO: Ambulance Maneuvering Skills


To reduce the instances of ambulance crashes and collisions, and the associated injuries, operator training should be an ongoing and thorough process. Formal or classroom training will provide operators with safe driving principles, skills and concepts through study, discussion, and analysis of various operational circumstances. Annual competency or hands-on training confirms their understanding of these concepts and provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate their ability to safely maneuver any ambulances that they are expected to operate when on the job.

The exercises contained in this course serve as a framework for evaluating an operator’s ability to safely and efficiently negotiate a series of maneuvers, beginning in a controlled environment, and then progressing to a predetermined on-the-road route. While there are several exercises included here, do not hesitate to add additional maneuvers based on the unique demands of your response area. The purpose of these exercises is to test your operator’s ability to handle any maneuverability challenges that they might encounter.

The Instructor's Guide provides detailed descriptions, diagrams, and recommendations for safely setting up and conducting both controlled maneuvering and on-the-road exercises and performance/practical evaluations. It also includes reproducible forms that can be utilized to document the training and evaluate performance.

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