CEVO™: Ambulance Maneuvering Skills

Ambulance Driver Training Program

Ambulance Driver Training Program for Maneuvering Skills

As an ambulance driver, you need to perfect your maneuvering skills to respond to emergencies properly. Ambulance services often involve transporting patients potentially suffering from poor health or serious injuries, so learning maneuvering skills can help you deliver them the help they need safely.

At Coaching Systems, we specialize in the production of video, guide programs, self-instruction, and driver safety courses for ambulance drivers. This ambulance driver training program details how to schedule a driving course and carry out low-speed CEVO ambulance maneuvering skill training. This driving course is particularly valuable for companies with limited access to a permanent driving range. We teach first responders the necessary skills to operate an emergency vehicle safely. This program is focused on practicing specifc driving moves, but we also offer a more comprehensive ambulance driver training course to make you the best driver you can be.

Ambulance Maneuvering Skills Program Components

Video Presentation
The video presentation is a comprehensive defensive driving training course for coaching emergency vehicle drivers and CEVO ambulance maneuvering skills. It demonstrates how to perform various exercises, such as:

  • Serpentine driving maneuver: It teaches the strategy of driving forward and in reverse. This exercise gauges a driver’s ability to turn the vehicle in different directions within close limits without stopping. It also teaches drivers a serpentine pattern that allows them to steer the vehicle forward and backward between adjacent cones diligently
  • Backing with an assistant: This exercise tests the driver’s ability to maneuver the road smoothly,  judge distance and clearance, maximize the use of mirrors, and communicate with other operators.
  • CEVO ambulance maneuvering skills includes backing to the right and left

Administrator's G u ide 
This program offers detailed information about safety procedures and ensures that all safety checks are completed before starting the driving range. It also provides ways to monitor the application of safety equipment and outlines activities considered unsafe. In addition, the administration guide outlines course setup and proper program implementation. 

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At Coaching Systems, we offer an ambulance driver training program that will provide adequate CEVO ambulance maneuvering skills training for your team. Our course is tailored to meet your specific needs and is available at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our ambulance operator training program and make a purchase.

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