CEVO® 4: Ambulance

Ambulance Driver Training Course

Ambulance Driver Training Course - Classroom

What is CEVO 4: Ambulance?

  • A classroom Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) for ambulance operators

  • Proven discussion and participation based "Coaching" method of training

  • Key defensive driving concepts including: vehicle inspection and characteristics, SCC (Scanning, Cushion of Safety, Communicating), emergency and non-emergency driving in various environments, and other special considerations such as backing and driving in adverse weather
  • Video presentation featuring operator point of view and real traffic situations (available on DVD, USB, or Streaming)

Why use CEVO 4: Ambulance?

  • Collision prevention and reduction

  • Risk management and liability protection

  • Onboarding training for new hires and refresher training for experienced operators

  • Compliments and works well with current NHTSA requirements for an EVOC course

  • Over 1 million emergency vehicle operators trained worldwide since 1998

How does CEVO 4: Ambulance work?

  • For our ambulance driver course, instructors use the fully scripted Instructor's Guide to conduct step-by-step class presentations that include video, follow-up questions, traffic diagram analysis, and group discussion

  • The training takes 4-6 hours to complete

  • Each instructor needs an Instructor Kit to implement the training

  • Each student needs one Response Book to write answers to session questions, analyze situations for group discussion, and complete the final test and answer sheet - which will be mailed in for grading

  • A computer-scored Final Test (included in the Response Book) is sent to Coaching Systems for grading - those who score 80% or higher receive a CEVO certificate and a CEVO Ambulance recognition patch (at no additional cost)

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CEVO 4: Ambulance Instructor's Kit - DVD Version
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CEVO 4 Ambulance Instructor's Kit- USB Version (USBs are only compatible with PCs and Macs)
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CEVO 4®: Ambulance Response Book
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