CEVO 4®: Ambulance

First introduced in the early 90's, the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator™ (CEVO) courses for ambulance, fire and police personnel quickly became accepted as standards in driver training for these fields. Since then, over 500,000 emergency professionals have been trained with the CEVO™ programs.

Course Sessions Overview:

  1. Self-Appraisal (Pre-Training Assessment)
  2. Vehicle Inspection & Characteristics Review
  3. Critical Elements (SCC – Scanning, Cushion of Safety, Communicating)
  4. Situational Driving in both Emergency and Non-Emergency Driving (Applying the principles of SCC in congested driving environments)
  5. Situational Driving Continued in both Emergency and Non-Emergency Driving (Applying the principles of SCC in open roadway environments)
  6. Special Considerations (Backing, Adverse Weather, Driving at Night, Rotaries, The ‘Move Over Law’, Toll Areas)
  7. You Be The Coach (Emergency Driving Scenarios Analyses)


What’s new in CEVO 4®: Ambulance

  1. All new participant Response Book
  2. All new, fifty question, computer-scored final test
  3. Seven new video presentations
  4. New discussion scenarios for both emergency and non-emergency driving situations
  5. Two additional braking system video presentations
  6. Applying the principles of “SCC” (scanning, cushion of safety, communicating) to both emergency and non-emergency driving
  7. “ Active Shooter” policy review
  8. “Move Over Law” review
  9.  New post-course “Refresher” discussion exercises


And still includes the popular features:

  1. Same proven, discussion-based educational approach
  2. Capitalizes on the highly successful “Coaching” method of training
  3. Course completion certificate and recognition patch upon achieving 80% or better on the Final Test scored by Coaching Systems LLC.
  4. Same easy-to-use training materials:
  • Fully scripted Instructor Guide with group learning exercises, discussion diagrams with enhanced content for the instructor.
  • Content rich DVD presentations featuring operator point-of-view perspective.
  • Response Book – 16 page, large format, full color participant booklet with self-appraisal, discussion questions and traffic analyses diagrams.
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CEVO 4®: Ambulance Instructor's Kit DT217
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CEVO® 4: Ambulance Train the Trainer package (Instructor's Kit & Response Book, for individuals registered for a Train The Trainer session) DT217TT
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