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CEVO 2: Police – Reponse Book

Police Car Driving Training
The police car driving training was first introduced in the early 90s under the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO™) program. Over a quarter of a million fire truck, ambulance, and police car driving personnel have benefited from the CEVO™ programs offered by Coaching Systems. The CEVO® II: POLICE™ equips police car driving personnel with the training to move with speed to respond to emergencies.

Program Components
Typically, the police car driving training program takes six hours. However, participants can extend the duration to eight hours by taking up an additional segment that entails:

Learning team discussions, case studies, and reports
An instructor’s guide with resources to support Response Book and video information
Graphics and video footage representations
A 16-page full-color response book for participants. The book has a Self-appraisal, situational analyses, discussion questions, and a computer-scored test
Broad coverage of collision prevention techniques that encompasses safety, vehicle positioning, scanning, safe backing, handling blind spots, and safe parking procedures
Training on several safety-related topics that include the differences between emergency and non-emergency driving, maneuvering procedures like pulling over violators, and vehicle inspection specific to police cars

Once you complete the course, you will attain a CEVO II™ certificate. The non-lecture driving training course takes a participant-intensive educational approach. The training format is modular, flexible, and easy to use, making it a complete in-house police car driver training course.

Graduates Receive:
CEVO II certificates.
A non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach.
A flexible, modular, easy-to-use training format (a complete in-house driver training program).
And a reasonable price (far less than the cost of one “minor” collisions
Affordable Pricing
Taking a police car driver training course costs much less than the cost of a “minor” collision. For instance, you can get 1-3 CEVO II: POLICE instructor’s kits at $295 and 7-9 instructor’s kits at $275. For 1-24 DT 138 Response Books, you will have to part with $9 and $8.50 for 100-249 books. Get in touch with us today via (303) 248-3858 to discover what over 40 million operators and drivers know.