Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Courses

CEVO™: Fire Maneuvering Skills

Fire Truck Driving Course

At Coaching Systems, we have created the most comprehensive fire truck driving course for coaching fire truck emergency and fire maneuvering skills. Emergency vehicles require special training for effectively maneuvering through traffic safely.

This competency-based course is built to test the operator’s ability to handle emergency vehicles. It provides truck drivers with the skills, judgment, expertise, and knowledge of the limitations of fire trucks for effective maneuvering.

CEVO 4®: Ambulance

Ambulance Driver Training Course

The coaching the emergency vehicle operators (CEVO) program was first established in the early ’90s. With time, CEVO became recognized as a common driving training standard for ambulance, police, and fire personnel. Over 500,000 emergency personnel have benefited from this course since it was first introduced.

Course Sessions Overview: