Behind the Wheel: One on One Coaching™

This innovative program is the "next step" beyond classroom driver training. The video presentation and accompanying guide teach managers, supervisors and driver safety specialists how to set up and conduct an on-the-road driver performance and coaching session, including how to develop a rapport with the trainee, how to spot clues that might signal a driving problem, and how to conduct a driving audit/evaluation.

Off-Road Driving: A Coaching Program™

Are your off-road drivers following the right safety procedures for their environment?

Do they know:

  • That even 20 miles per hour may be too fast in some off-road areas?
  • That even 4-wheel vehicles cannot handle all terrain?
  • How to select a "safe" off-road parking location?
  • How to inspect a vehicle used in off-road locations
  • How to secure equipment properly?
  • How to make the transition from a paved to an unpaved surface?
  • The limits of driving 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles?
  • What precautions to take when backing?

Backing Safely™

Backing is the cause of a large number of collisions — a disproportionate number —— since drivers spend a relatively small amount of time actually backing. And, although speeds are normally low, these collisions not only create inconveniences, they cause significant property damage and even personal injury.

Backing Safely offers practical safety information that can help drivers eliminate backing collisions.

Reduce Your Risk™

Whether on business or after hours — in or out of town — your employees should follow basic safety procedures to prevent carjackings, car theft, muggings, and other vehicle-related crimes. The Reduce Your Risk™ video features personal safety techniques your employees and their families can use to guard against crime while: 

Parking Safely™

There is more to parking a vehicle than simply pulling into a space, turning off the ignition and closing the door behind you. In fact, parking can be just as hazardous as driving in traffic, since many drivers and pedestrians disregard all normal traffic laws once they arrive in a parking area.