Snow Plow Safety™: Parking Lots

The Snow plow Safety: Parking Lots™ video by Coaching Systems focuses on specific safety issues regarding the plowing of parking lots. The video can be used for self-directed or classroom study, and is ideal for pre-and in-season training. Another course we offer, which is a little more hands-on and popular, is our professional truck driver training which can be great for providing any truck driver more skills & knowledge.

SNow Plow operator training COMPONENTS

Topics addressed include:

  • Pre-season site preparation
  • Equipment inspection
  • Scanning for hazards (lighting fixtures, curbed areas, raised utility covers, changes in pavement, etc.)
  • Clearing entrances and exits
  • Working with other snow removal equipment
  • Where to locate plowed snow
  • Special considerations for plowing 24-hour operations such as convenience stores, hospitals, etc.
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