Parking Safely™

Car Parking Training

Car Parking Training

There is more to parking a vehicle than simply pulling into a space, turning off the ignition and closing the door behind you. In fact, parking can be just as hazardous as driving in traffic, since many drivers and pedestrians disregard all normal traffic laws once they arrive in a parking area. Which is why we have developed parking lessons to ensure safe and responsible parking habits.

Parking Safely is a car parking training class designed to refresh even mature drivers' safe parking skills, including: 

COMPONENTS of our Parking Lessons & Classes

Following Basic Rules of the Road

  • Scanning for hazards
  • Covering the brake
  • Sharing the roadway with pedestrians
  • Compensating for blind spots
  • Staying within designated parking lanes
  • Positioning the vehicle within a space
  • Backing up
  • Personal safety considerations
  • Choosing a "smart" parking location
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