Off-Road Driving: A Coaching Program™

Are your off-road drivers following the right safety procedures for their environment?

Do they know:

  • That even 20 miles per hour may be too fast in some off-road areas?
  • That even 4-wheel vehicles cannot handle all terrain?
  • How to select a "safe" off-road parking location?
  • How to inspect a vehicle used in off-road locations
  • How to secure equipment properly?
  • How to make the transition from a paved to an unpaved surface?
  • The limits of driving 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles?
  • What precautions to take when backing?

Offer your novice, experienced or seasonal off-road drivers a self-instruction video training program that covers the information they need to know — and allows them to work at their own pace. A computer-scored test provides documentation of each driver's participation.

This self-instruction course covers defensive driving techniques as they relate to the type of driving, and pressures, that sales people experience. It presents the information in an easy-for-all-to-access video presentation, at a level appropriate for professionals.

Program Components

Video Presentation
Driver Response Book with Computer-scored Test
Course Completion Certificate

Title SKU Quantity
Off-Road Driving: A Coaching Program — Self-Instruction DVD DT066
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Off-Road Driving: A Coaching Program — Response Book DT067
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