Coaching The Transit Bus Operator™

This non-lecture program refreshes basic driving skills, and introduces advanced techniques to help transit bus operators anticipate and avoid collision situations. Following the structured discussion format outlined in the Instructor's Guide, the instructor actively involves trainees throughout the program.

Program Components

Video Presentations

Includes a 10-minute segment featuring transit bus operators discussing common traffic and customer problems, setting up post-film discussion of the importance of building a professional image through safe driving and a positive mental attitude. Also includes five segments covering:

  • Trip Preparation
  • Cushion of Safety
  • City Driving
  • Highway and Suburban Driving
  • Special Considerations

Instructor's Guide
A fully scripted presentation of the program, formatted for one or multiple training sessions. Wide margins allow for instructor notes and customization.

Operator's Workbooks
The 32-page workbooks include a Self-Appraisal, a vehicle inspection review, "Talking Point Situations," a "Breakdown/Collision Procedures" Review, preventability analysis situations, and a course completion certificate.

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Coaching The Transit Bus Operator — Instructor's Kit DT021
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Coaching The Transit Bus Operator — Response Book DT022
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