Coaching The Route Sales Driver 2™

In the delivery business, temporary or permanent loss of personnel, out-of-service vehicles and damaged products caused by vehicle collisions really hurt the bottom line. Bringing your route sales drivers up to date on critical defensive driving skills and techniques will help keep them out of collisions and on the job.

This program-segmented for presentation flexibility — is designed specifically for both novice and experienced route sales drivers who make deliveries in step vans. Produced in cooperation with the American Bakers Association, the course zeroes in on specific driving problems that route sales drivers encounter.

Following the format that has made the Coaching series so successful, this course gives drivers the opportunity to actively participate throughout, with the instructor assuming a "coaching" role rather than that of a traditional lecturer.

Program Components

Video Presentation
Topics addressed include:

  • Characteristics of a Step Van
  • Keeping a Cushion of Safety
  • Reading Traffic Situations
  • Special Considerations: Driving at Night, Adverse Weather Conditions, Backing
  • Making Deliveries (approaching the delivery site, on-site safety issues)
  • Vehicle Inspection

Instructor's Guide
A fully scripted presentation in an easel binder. Wide margins allow for instructor notes and customization.

Driver Response Books
32 pages, includes:

  • Self-Appraisal
  • Vehicle Inspection and Collision Reporting Procedures
  • Driving Analysis Situations
  • Driver Summary
  • Emergency Triangle Placement Review
  • Course Completion Certificate
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