Coaching The SUV Driver™

With the rapid proliferation of SUVs on the road today—for both consumer and corporate use—there is an urgent need for all drivers to understand the special characteristics of the SUV, and the special safety considerations that must be taken into account to drive an SUV safely.

This course features proven collision-reducing techniques and applies them to the unique attributes and uses of sport utility vehicles, including differences in handling characteristics, off-road driving and towing situations.

Program Components

Video Presentation: A comprehensive presentation covering the following collision-reducing topics and techniques: vehicle inspection, unique handling characteristics of SUVs, handling blind spots, scanning techniques, communicating with others, cushion of safety, safe techniques for driving in different environments and in adverse weather, safe backing procedures, off-road driving and safe towing techniques.

Leader's Guide: (classroom version) A fully scripted, easy to use presentation in easel-binder format, with wide margins for instructor notes. The program is divided into five sessions for presentation flexibility. Includes all answers to response book exercises, an optional reproducible driver test and a reproducible class registration form.

Response Book: (one per trainee) Includes a self-appraisal, collision analysis exercises, coaching reminder points and Course Completion Certificate. The Self-Instruction version has a computer scored test that is mailed to Coaching Systems for scoring. Drivers with a passing score are sent a Course Completion Certificate.

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