The Coaching Series® Refresher™ Online

Driving Refresher Course Online

Our Coaching Series® Refresher™™ is designed in a testing format to refresh drivers' safe driving techniques and to assess their attitudes toward specific driver behaviors. The program was produced in response to requests by safety professionals currently using The Coaching Series who were looking for a shorter, refresher or remedial training program that would review key driving concepts and assess driving attitudes (including distracted driving, roundabouts, move over law and more). We implemented a similar strategy in our driver improvement course online, which is designed for experienced drivers as well. The Coaching Series® Refresher™™ fits these requests by targeting specific driving behaviors and attitudes that drivers may be familiar with, but may not be practiced with regularity in their everyday driving. The program can serve equally well as a stand-alone course or as an easily integrated supplement to existing driver safety courses and is ideal for all drivers.

Refresher Driving Lessons Length: 

Flexible Presentation options: 1 - 1.5 hours

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