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Coaching The® Van Driver™ 3

Many organizations mistakenly assume that van driving is no different than driving a personal car, and they expect their employees (or volunteers) to assume van-driving responsibilities without any training. The fact is that most commercial vans are very different than passenger cars. They are bigger, heavier, have larger blind spots, and require longer following and stopping distances. Training drivers to compensate for these differences can help keep them on the road and on the job.

Since the original Coaching The® Van Driver™ course was introduced in 1991, we have received invaluable feedback from hundreds of instructor training sessions and thousands of actual “Coaching” sessions.   By responding to those involved with The Coaching Series® programs — instructors, trainees, safety managers and loss control professionals — we have continued to develop quality training materials.   Coaching The® Van Driver 3 is a direct result of this field input.   This new program addresses the considerations of mini-van, commercial van and 15 passenger van drivers.


Coaching The® Van Driver 3 presents updated visuals and new information without sacrificing the strengths of the original program — comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques, a non-lecture participant-intensive educational approach, a modular training format, and an easy-to-use Instructor’s Guide.


Drivers will appreciate the program’s non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach, and instructors will appreciate the program’s flexible and easy-to-use format.   Coaching The® Van Driver 3 can be presented as a classroom course in one session or shorter, multiple sessions.


Course Content Includes:

  • Van Characteristics & Inspection
  • Scanning, Cushion of Safety & Communicating
  • Reading Traffic Situations
  • Special Considerations 
  •   Transporting Cargo segment
  • Transporting Passengers segment
  • Collision Reporting Procedures
  • Situation Analyses and Discussion Questions  

All New Instructor’s Kit includes:

Instructor’s Guide, specific group learning activity for cargo/passenger segments, organizational considerations, discussion starters, discussion questions, situation analyses, written test, observation checklist, registration form and video presentation.  

Fully scripted guide includes wide margins to allow for instructor’s notes and customization.


All New Participant Response Book:

32 pages, includes:

  • Self-Appraisal
  • Van Characteristics & Inspection
  • Scanning, Cushion of Safety & Communicating
  • Special Considerations
  • Coaching Reminder Points
  • Reading Traffic Situations (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Collision Reporting Procedures
  • Course Completion Certificate
Also available in Self-Instruction and Online formats

Each self-instruction response book also includes a 30-question computer-scored test to assess the driver's knowledge of program information. The test is sent to Coaching Systems for scoring and results are sent to the person designated by the purchaser for documentation of participation.

Coaching The® Van Driver 3™ also available online!
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